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eBay Adds Google Pay As Payment Option

eBay is introducing Google Pay to its suite of payment options to further increase customer choice in its new managed payments experience.

The company announced last year it will intermediate end-to-end payments on its marketplace to further simplify and improve the customer experience and expects to manage a majority of the payments on its platform in 2021.

Google Pay users will can complete purchases on eBay via the app, mobile web and on desktop from sellers taking part in managed payments. Customers who have the Google Pay digital wallet will also be able to complete purchases on desktop, regardless of the operating system or device.

“Google Pay provides users with a fast, simple and secure way to pay online. Offering Google Pay as a form of payment is another significant step toward providing our customers with more choice in their payment options, and creating an experience that is tailored to personal preferences.”

Alyssa Cutright, Vice President of Global Payments, Billing and Risk at eBay

Millennials and Gen Z Fuel Sales On Mobile

As Millennials and Generation Z increasingly make purchases on mobile devices and technologies like digital wallets proliferate, shoppers today expect a streamlined payments experience.

eBay’s managed payments experience allows users to check out without leaving the platform, using the payment method of their choice.

eBay says in its first year, managed payments is already delivering value to buyers through an improved shopping experience and to sellers through new selling tools and streamlined costs.

Google Pay will be available to Android users starting in early April, joining Apple Pay as the latest payment option on the platform.

Both options are currently only accessible when buying from sellers enrolled in eBay’s new payments experience, and will be increasingly available to shoppers as the program grows to process more volume in additional geographies.

Seller Participation – The Real Bottleneck of Managed Payments

While eBay adds payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay to its managed payments experience, the real problem is that many long-time sellers are not taking part in the beta as the beta still does not allow dual acceptance of eBay Payments and PayPal.

Until eBay fixes this shortcoming which they promise will happen in mid 2019, many sellers are taking a wait and see attitude.

eBay Payments may in the long run be a better option as the company continues to expand various payment systems into payments, but PayPal is still the most accepted and known payment system for eBay purchases.

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