eBay Ads Research UK – Festivals are Back

eBay Ads UK Data: Festival Fever is Back

According to recent research conducted by eBay Ads in the UK, with less than a month until the Glastonbury Festival, it has been revealed that a significant proportion of Brits (20%) intend to prioritize attending festivals over going on traditional holidays this summer.

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The study suggests that the country will experience a widespread surge of festival fever, with the upcoming festival season anticipated to surpass previous years.

Furthermore, the survey of UK consumers revealed that nearly three out of ten Brits (28%) anticipate the upcoming festival season to be the largest since the pandemic. Additionally, 22% of respondents expressed that they are more excited about this festival season since before the pandemic hit.

Meanwhile, millennials will play a prominent role in festival attendance during the upcoming summer. Among respondents aged 25-34, a significant percentage of nearly four in ten (38%) expressed a higher inclination to attend festivals this year, citing the absence of such events in previous years due to Covid-19 restrictions. And three in ten (28%) in this age group have plans to attend multiple festivals.

Don’t count out Generation X as it will also be actively participating in festivals this year. The eBay Ads research revealed that one in five individuals (21%) within the age group of 45-54 have expressed their intention to attend at least one festival this summer.

“After a few years riddled with cancellations and uncertainty, festival fever is back and Brits are gearing to participate in summer festivals with a vengeance,” said Upasana Gupta, GM, eBay Ads UK.

eBay Ads: Fashion Items Drive Festival Purchases

The survey also found that more than a fifth (21%) of UK consumers have already begun their festival shopping, preparing for the upcoming summer events.

Not surprisingly, fashion items, such as clothing and footwear (e.g., festival outfits, waterproofs, wellies), accessories (e.g., sunglasses, hats, jewelry), and bags (e.g., rucksacks, bum bags), were high on the priority list for consumer purchases.

Nevertheless, despite the proactive “punters,” eBay search data indicates that the quest for last-minute looks will remain a trend this year. For instance, in the week leading up to Glastonbury 2022 (13 – 19 June), searches for ‘bucket hat’ and ‘denim shorts’ witnessed an approximate 30% increase compared to the previous week (6 – 12 June).

“Fashion is inevitably still a priority for many, with clothing, accessories and bags topping the list of items festival-goers are planning to buy over the next few months,” added Gupta.

Festival-Driven Recommerce

With the ongoing boom of the circular economy, the interest among Brits in purchasing pre-loved festival items continues to grow as “financial constraints and sustainability concerns pique Brits’ interest in pre-loved items,” added Gupta.

eBay Ads found that nearly a quarter (24%) of UK consumers express a higher likelihood of buying second-hand festival items this year, primarily driven by financial constraints. Additionally, over one in five individuals (21%) are inclined to opt for second-hand purchases as a means to shop more sustainably.

Among Brits who have plans to purchase festival items this summer, more than a third (36%) have expressed their intention to prioritize sustainable options for festival essentials, such as eco-friendly glitter or solar-powered lights.

Additionally, 32% of respondents plan to buy second-hand clothing, while more than a quarter (26%) are on the lookout for second-hand camping items and equipment.

Recommerce is growing and even in niche categories like festivals, it can be a boom for sellers who cater to such seasonal needs. “Brands and sellers alike would benefit from offering options that meet the Brit festival goers needs,” concluded Gupta.

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