eBay Announces Apple Pay Will Join eBay Payments at Launch


At this year’s eBay Open 2018 seller conference in Las Vegas, eBay announced that Apple  Pay is coming to the platform as a payment option.

As eBay begins to manage payments on its Marketplace platform, Apple Pay, an easy, secure and private way to pay, will be among the first forms of payment offered in its new payments experience.

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Earlier this year, eBay announced it will manage the end-to-end payments flow on its platform to further simplify and improve the buying and selling experience.

The company is on track to start managing payments on a limited scale in the US early this fall, at which time buyers will be able to use Apple Pay to purchase items from sellers participating in the initial phase of the new payments experience.

Using Apple Pay on Apple iOS and Safari, consumers will be able to check out on eBay via the app and mobile web.

“Apple Pay is one of the most ubiquitous forms of payments and provides users with an easy, fast and secure way to pay. Offering Apple Pay as a form of payment on eBay is the first step in providing more choice and flexibility in payment options to our tens of millions of buyers.”

Steve Fisher, Senior Vice President of Payments at eBay

First Steps

Bringing Apple Pay to the eBay platform is one of the first steps to broaden the acceptable payment methods by eBay.

For eBay, it is also important to bring as many existing payment methods to eBay as PayPal is currently offering.

The marketplace does not want to be seen to create payment friction for shoppers if they have become accustomed to a specific payment method that was processed through PayPal.

Sellers should expect to hear about other payment choices joining eBay Payments as the first merchants on eBay start accepting payment through eBay’s Payment network.

eBay believes the company’s payments initiative is expected to deliver value to customers through an improved shopping experience, enhanced selling tools and streamlined costs.

That will be the “hard” sell the company has to make to a lot of nervous and skeptical sellers, many of which may have accepted PayPal for over a decade or longer.

The next big question for sellers will be how eBay will handle claim resolution, again another critical subject that needs to be managed correctly for both sellers and buyers.

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eBay will continue to expand its payments initiative in 2019 and expects to have transitioned a majority of its Marketplace customers to its new payments experience by 2021.

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