eBay Australia Fashion Week Pre-Love Runway 2023

eBay Australia Activates Pre-Loved Fashion at Australian Fashion Week 2023

eBay has been actively promoting the pre-loved fashion industry across its primary global marketplaces.

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For example, in the UK, the company made history by becoming the first-ever pre-loved fashion partner of the UK hit TV series Love Island. The activation of this sponsorship was so successful, it renewed its sponsorship for the current season.

And just a few days ago, eBay revealed its intention to acquire Certilogo, an advanced platform that leverages digital technology to help brands and designers efficiently manage the lifecycle of their garments.

Certilogo provides a digital solution that effectively verifies the authenticity of high-end fashion and accessory items, ensuring buyers receive authentic products.

In addition, eBay Ventures recently announced two investments related pre-loved clothing categories, with an investment in Australian-based dress rental marketplace The Volte and U.S.-based SidelineSwap, a marketplace for used sporting goods.

The growing recommerce trend on eBay’s global marketplaces as well as its investments encompass many categories and confirms its commitment to sustainable commerce in several focus categories.

While eBay has been highlighting premium pre-loved items such as purses, watches, handbags, and sneakers globally, it has also launched a program in the UK that enables authorized sellers to offer certified recycled auto parts.

As inflation concerns prompt people to be more mindful of their spending, eBay provides an avenue for savvy shoppers to find great deals and save money.

However, the appeal extends beyond financial savings; it is also about embracing sustainability, especially in the fashion business, which has long been plagued by excessive waste.

eBay Australia – All In On Pre-Loved Fashion

Last week, eBay Australia showcased its commitment to pre-loved fashion by hosting the eBay Pre-Loved Runway during the Afterpay Australia Fashion Week, demonstrating its dedication to the promotion of sustainable fashion.

An eBay survey found that 30% of Australians stated that half of their wardrobe consisted of pre-loved fashion, and 45% of Aussies said they have increased their purchase of pre-loved fashion over the past two years.

In short, Australians want to save money and stay fashionable, and eBay Australia believes they can be the go-to platform for these shoppers.

To that end, eBay Australia went all out during Australia’s Fashion Week with its pre-loved runway. Here are some photos of how the company activated its promotion at the event.

Images by Niusha Khastoui, Brand Campaign Specialist, eBay Australia, Mackenzie Geeves, Comms & Social, eBay Australia, and Isabella Huggins, Junior Producer at MAXMEDIALAB. Originally posted on LinkedIn.

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