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eBay Australia Update to Categories and Item Specifics Could Impact Listing Visibility for a Short Time


eBay Australia announced it is refreshing the structure of certain categories and adding new Item Specifics which could impact seller listings for a short time.

However, once completed, these changes will improve the visibility of listings on the marketplaces in two ways:

  • In some categories, new Item Specific requirements help listings better match buyer searches on the platform. 
  • Updating select category structures and Item Specifics names will help customers find listings on and off eBay.

eBay will be making updates in the following categories:

  • Collectibles (Collectable Figures & Supplies)
  • Home & Garden (Furniture & DIY)
  • Parts & Accessories 
    • Quad, ATV & Trike Parts
    • Scooter Parts, Motorcycle Maintenance
    • Stands & Towing
    • Motorcycle & Scooter Parts & Accessories
    • ATV, Side-by-side & UTV Parts & Accessories Wheels & Tyres

As already noted, eBay said sellers could see a temporary impact on their listings and visibility during the transition period.

Any affected listings should return to normal within a week, eBay promised.

Sellers may also experience a change in fees (either an increase or decrease) because of the update.

Once the transition is complete, eBay recommends sellers check their listings in the above categories to see if any were affected and if sellers need to make adjustments.

eBay didn’t say if it would notify sellers when the update would start or when it’s finished.

eBay Australia sellers in the affected categories should be vigilant over the next few weeks and monitor their listings for updates that may impact their business temporarily due to these announced changes.

eBay Australia Multi-SKU Fulfillment Live Now

In addition to the category and Item Specifics updates, eBay informed Australian sellers that Multi-SKU fulfillment through its eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex is live now.

Sellers can now have certain SKUs within the same listing managed by eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex while managing the other SKUs themselves, the company said.

Program members need to register their interest here in this feature to take advantage of the new addition to the fulfillment service.

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