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eBay Australia Expands Refurbished Program 2022 – Restricting Some Sellers Categories


eBay Australia has announced that they are expanding their seller refurbished program which ultimately means that sellers who are not part of the program will be restricted from listing more items in more categories as ‘Seller Refurbished’.

Australia is known for having much stricter consumer laws than the US, and this move from eBay down under could be seen as a way to better protect buyers and the marketplace from negative attention and ensure that only trusted sellers can list under the refurbished categories, especially for the more technical products.

You can find out what it takes to be accepted onto the official eBay Australia Refurbished program here, and see the full announcement from eBay below.

“New categories are being added to the eBay Australia Refurbished program in 2022. If you list in these categories, and use Seller Refurbished item condition or condition-related and grade-related multi-SKU variants, your listings may be impacted while we expand the program.

What’s changing on the eBay Australia Refurbished Program?

  • The Seller Refurbished item condition has been removed from the categories below:
    • Video Game Consoles (139971)
    • Cell Phone Accessories: Headsets (80077)
    • Home Speakers & Subwoofers (14990)
    • Headphones (112529)
    • Audio Docks & Mini Speakers (111694)
    • Security Cameras (48638)
    • IP & Smart Security Camera Systems (185053)
    • Smart Speakers (184435)
  • Condition-related and grade-related multi-SKU variants are no longer available as custom multi-SKU variant options in the categories below: 
    • Video Game Consoles (139971)
    • Cell Phone Accessories | Headsets (80077)
    • Home Speakers & Subwoofers (14990)
    • Headphones (112529)
    • Audio Docks & Mini Speakers (111694)
    • Security Cameras (48638)
    • IP & Smart Security Camera Systems (185053)
    • Smart Speakers (184435)
    • Camera Drones (179697)
    • Camcorders (11724)
    • Lenses (3323)
    • Digital Cameras (31388)
    • Vacuum Cleaners (20614)
    • Espresso & Cappuccino Machines (38252)
    • Countertop Mixers (133701)
    • Fryers (185033)
    • Pressure Washers (50388)
    • Generators (33082)
    • Leaf Blowers & Vacuums (71273)
    • Chainsaws (42226)
    • String Trimmers (71277)
    • Snow Blowers (42230)
    • Power Tool Sets (177000)
    • Circular Saws (71307)

What You Need To Do

We understand this may be inconvenient, but we hope the addition of these categories to the program will better showcase your items and create a simpler and more reliable shopping experience for your customers.

  • Create any new listings for Seller Refurbished items in the “Used” item condition listing process. 
  • Create a new listing for each condition variation (e.g. Grade A, Grade B, etc.) in the “Used” item condition. 
  • The item’s condition will be required to be added in the item title and description instead.

How To Get Involved in The Refurbished Program

  • Our Refurbished Program allows pre-qualified eBay sellers exclusive use of three refurbished item conditions (Excellent – Refurbished, Very Good – Refurbished and Good – Refurbished) on their listings
  • To qualify to list with the new item conditions, sellers must meet a strict set of requirements. eBay will review your inventory and account to ensure they meet the program requirements.
  • For more details, including eligibility requirements, eligible categories and how it works, please visit our Refurbished page
  • To apply, please fill out the eBay Australia Refurbished Program Application or email refurbishedau@ebay.com “

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