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eBay Australia Users Facing Login and Refund Problems


eBay Australia acknowledged that some users are facing difficulty logging into the platform, and some sellers are also experiencing issues refunding purchases to buyers.

The company posted the following note Friday morning Australia time on its announcement board:

We’ve heard that some sellers are facing issues when:

  • Trying to process refunds on the eBay site: They’re seeing the error message saying ‘we couldn’t process your refund’. 
  • Trying to sign in to eBay: They’re being asked to sign-in multiple times.

Our teams are aware of these challenges and are actively working to solve them. We appreciate your patience and will post a further update on the community when we have it.

One Australian seller posted in the community forum that eBay told them to try to refund tomorrow as there is currently no workaround to refund a buyer otherwise.

Getting Help From eBay Australia

eBay did not provide details on whether these two issues are somehow connected or what may have caused them.

Sellers unable to log into their account can try contacting eBay Australia on the “Get help with a hacked account” page.

At the bottom of that page, click the “Contact us” link that will pop up an option to communicate with eBay Australia that does not require signing into their account.

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One Comment

  1. Marg Baker says:

    I too am having great difficulty using the new format to purchase on EBay. I have been a member for numerous years but I will not be using this method of shopping unless I get the help I request. My last item bought (a clock radio) is a complete waste of money cannot get the station I want. Need to buy an adapter to have it work away from my computer. As a Pensioner I cannot afford to waste my money. I have been unable to do a message to seller. Very Unhappy

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