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eBay Australia Adds New Required Item Specifics Entry to Jewelry Category

eBay Australia recently required sellers in the Jewelry category to add Item Specifics to listings and later this month a new requirement will become mandatory.

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This week, the company said that Australian sellers must now include a new Item Specific for ‘Metal Purity’ in the Jewelry category starting on 23 August 2022.

“This is part of our ongoing journey to better connect you with buyers, based on what they’re searching for on eBay,” the company said in the notice to sellers.

For sellers listing in the Jewelry category on eBay Australia, they must revise existing listings before this deadline and they should add the value for this Item Specifics on any new listings to avoid any problems later in the month.

Sellers can look for missing Item Specifics on their listings by going to the ‘Tasks’ section in the Seller Hub.

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