eBay Australia Partners with Flybuys Loyalty Program

In what is likely a move to strengthen eBay Australia’s market-leading position, the company announced it has struck a deal to offer eBay shoppers to collect and redeem Flybuys points.

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Flybuys is a ten plus million-member strong rewards program owned by Wesfarmers with major participation from retailers such as Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express, Kmart, Target, and more.

Now more than 11 million monthly unique visitors of ebay.com.au can link their accounts to Flybuys to collect 1 point for every $2 spent on eligible items across ebay.com.au.

The company also said they would run regular bonus offers, allowing shoppers to speed up their points dramatically.

“We know Aussies love rewards points, and at eBay innovation is the focus for our connected community, said Julie Nestor, Chief Marketing Officer at ebay.com.au.

For Flybuys, this partnership is the biggest expansion of the program since the addition of Velocity frequent flyer as a partner in 2016.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our members collect and use more Flybuys points and ensure they are rewarded in a meaningful and exciting way, said Alex Chruszcz, General Manager of Flybuys.

The Amazon Effect

While eBay Australia will not say this move is maintain its leading online eCommerce position in Australia, the company can’t sit still while a major eCommerce player enters and expands in the market.

With Amazon already announcing a second warehouse in Australia, an ongoing strong sign-up of marketplace sellers, and rumors of Prime Membership coming to Australia later this year, eBay and others in Australian eCommerce must defend their positions.

eBay Australia is betting that a loyalty program can help keep their market share in Australia and minimize the impact Amazon will have on their business.

New research among ebay.com.au small business retailers has found 72% of eBay sellers believe a rewards program would help attract new customers, and 67% said it would likely increase customer spend at their store.

“This partnership opens our small business retailers up to millions of active Flybuys members and, on the flip side, creates a simple avenue for the millions of ebay.com.au users to join the Flybuys program, collect Flybuys points on their regular eBay spending and redeem points for thousands of rewards on offer.”

Julie Nestor, Chief Marketing Officer at ebay.com.au


eBay is offering a benefit that Amazon has never really offered in any market and one that may provide very instrumental in attracting new customers as well as maintaining existing customers.

This partnership between eBay and Flybuys is good for small businesses who do not belong to such loyalty programs. It can’t hurt, and it provides eBay with another benefit to attract sellers to its platform.

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