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eBay Australia Issued New Seller Protections for Late Deliveries

eBay Australia issued a curious late notice (December 13!) stating it is protecting seller reputations from late deliveries on orders sent over the Black Friday shopping week.

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What it means: eBay Australia seller protections will apply to all domestic parcels in Australia sent between Wednesday 23 November, and Friday 2 December 2022.

To be eligible, Australian eBay sellers must upload valid tracking information before the estimated delivery date. eBay stated it will automatically remove Late Shipment Rate defects received for transactions between the above dates.

What they said: “We know that during the Black Friday sales buyers shop more, which means there are more parcels moving through the network,” eBay Australia stated.

“With increased volumes, some carriers may experience delays in getting items to your buyers. We’re here to support you, so we’ve put seller protections in place.”

What else is important: Along with the above Black Friday week seller protection notice, the company also reminded sellers of another seller protection measure that’s still in place due to a previous rail network outage.

This seller protection measure applies to parcels in and out of affected areas in the below states (until normal operations resume):

  • WA from 13 November 
  • SA from 12 November
  • VIC from 12 November to 30 November

Curious timing: We are just a bit baffled by the timing of the Black Friday week seller protection notice, almost two weeks after the big sales weekend.

While Australia Post said Aussies hit a new shopping record over Black Friday weekend, we were not aware of any serious problems with deliveries.

But if you sold on eBay and your shipments are running late and they are from the eligible dates, eBay will protect you.

As always, we suggest monitoring late shipments and contacting eBay if you believe an eligible shipment was not removed by the company as promised.

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