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eBay Australia Updates Shipping Policies & Seller Protections For Ukraine & Russia


eBay Australia is the latest eCommerce marketplace to make an announcement regarding the current situation in Ukraine and Russia. We have a post dedicated to the major couriers from the US and what their current shipping policies are with shipping to that region. Now eBay Australia has released a statement to clarify the situation for their sellers and for anyone with mail already heading to both Ukraine and Russia.

You can see the full statement from eBay Australia below:

eBay Australia Important Updates to Shipping to Ukraine and Russia

“Due to the troubling events in Ukraine, couriers have suspended delivery services to Russia as well as some areas of Ukraine. They also expect increased shipping times. As a result, we are taking the following actions:

  • eBay has extended delivery times for eBay international standard delivery service to Ukraine for purchases made on or after February 28.

There are currently no shipping options for sellers to fulfill sales to Russia and limited shipping options for Ukraine, and buyers in Ukraine and Russia may be unable to purchase items on eBay until stable shipping services resume. As a seller, if you currently have items in transit to Ukraine or Russia, note that these packages may not reach the buyer and may be scheduled for a return to you. Please regularly check your tracking on these orders for the most up-to-date information. If your business is impacted, eBay will automatically protect your seller performance, including:

  • Your late delivery rate
  • “Item not received” cases due to late delivery for Service Metrics
  • Defects resulting from transactions you cancelled
  • Negative or neutral feedback from these transactions

These seller protections will apply retroactively to all shipments to Ukraine and Russia beginning February 21. eBay will continue working closely with shipping couriers and government partners to protect buyers and sellers around the world and ensure continued compliance with all applicable sanctions and regulations. 

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

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  1. Richard Wright says:

    What about items bought from Russia on eBay? Can they be shipped out of Russia? I want to buy a vintage watch listed on eBay.

    1. As it stands right now Richard I would hold off, due to the sanctions being put in place by many countries against Russia and the ban on a lot of airspace access for planes shipments might be unable to leave. I’m 100% on what Australia’s stance has been as a government on Russia. You could always try and contact eBay Australia to see if they have any specific advice on this situation, but even if you did buy the watch, it could take a lot longer than normal to get to you.

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