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eBay Australia Adds Extra Seller Protections in Vehicle Parts & Accessories Categories


eBay Australia is adding new protections for sellers listing items in vehicle parts & accessories categories when they include vehicle fitment information.

If a buyer returns an item claiming the item doesn’t fit their vehicle, but the seller added parts compatibility information to their listing — either by selecting a product from the eBay catalog or by entering item specifics and specifying compatible vehicles — eBay will provide the following protections:

  • Cover the cost of the eBay return label* and send it to the buyer.
  • Automatically remove the return from the seller’s ‘Not as Described’ rate in their service metrics.
  • Automatically remove any negative or neutral feedback from that transaction.

* If the item isn’t eligible for an eBay return label, the seller will be responsible for providing a way for the buyer to return the item. If sellers have set up the RMA number option in their Return preferences, they can select an eBay label when responding to the return from the Returns dashboard.

New eBay Process Applies to ‘No Returns’ Listings Too

While eBay will cover the costs of the return, which will benefit many sellers, sellers that include a ‘no-returns’ policy on items listed in a Car & Truck parts compatibility enabled category must still accept the return when the buyer claims it doesn’t fit.

These new protections will apply for items being returned under the ‘Doesn’t Fit my Vehicle’ reason. This new process will start for eligible items on 20 September 2022 and will become fully effective by October 2022.

Buyers won’t be able to report an item doesn’t fit their vehicle if:

  • The item is not in a Car & Truck parts compatibility enabled category or;
  • The seller selected “Universal Fitment” in the Item Specifics section.

Car & Truck Parts Growth Opportunity

eBay considers vehicle parts and accessories (P&A) a focus category and has introduced many changes across its global marketplaces to help sellers succeed in this important category to them.

The proper use of fitment information and adding item specifics to listings has proven to be a key for sellers to increase sales and profits in P&A, while also reducing buyer returns.

These protections should make it a little more painless for sellers to deal with returns when they do happen.

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