eBay Australia Laser Pointer Warning

eBay Australia Warns Sellers About Listing Dangerous High-Power Laser Pointers

eBay Australia warned sellers that laser pointers with a power output above 1 milliwatt (mW) are prohibited for sale on the marketplace.

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They are also prohibited by a number of state laws due to the potential for serious accidents and injuries.

Aircraft incidents and vehicle accidents have been attributed to high-powered lasers interfering with pilot/driver vision. Injuries from having a laser beam directed into the eye can include partial or total loss of vision.

Check Labels of Laser Pointers

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is reminding eBay sellers to ensure that they correctly label and categorize any laser pointer before listing.

For sellers importing laser pointers, they should look at product labels carefully and refer any laser products with incorrect or missing customs paperwork to the Australian Border Force (www.abf.gov.au). 

If a laser pointer is labelled as having an output of 1mW but the packaging or product details indicate it has enough power to point at an object more than 30 meters away, then it is more powerful than the label claims.

If sellers receive such an item, it can be reported to the Australian Border Force using their online form or to the local police.  

To ensure everyone can stay safe around lasers, ARPANSA recommends: 

  • Ensure lasers are labelled correctly in accordance with Australian standards. 
  • Do not point lasers at a person’s face or eyes. 
  • Do not point lasers at aircraft, cars, or other vehicles. 
  • Do not point lasers at animals. 
  • Do not give laser pointers to children. 

To find out more information about laser hazards and safety visit: Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency ‘Laser hazards and safety’.

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