eBay Australia, Neil Mackay, Director of Selling

eBay Australia Thanks Sellers for Partnership in 2022


eBay Australia posted a video and message to sellers wishing them a successful conclusion to Q4 and a big thank you for their partnership in 2022.

Neil Mackay, Director of Selling at eBay Australia introduced the video:

“Thank you all for everything this year. It’s been quite a ride. I’ve loved being able to engage with some of you on some of our tours and at some of our events. And I can’t wait to do the same all next year.

“We’ve made some progress. We’re still far from perfect. But the graph is going the right direction and we’re very grateful for everything you do for our platform and our customers. And I wish you a happy holiday.”

The video goes on to highlight some of the achievements of the year in Australia, from Retail Fest to the national All Ears Roadshow (video) and the live virtual Seller Town Hall (video).

In the posted message, the eBay Australia team reminded sellers if they are taking a break to use the Time Away tool to help manage their eBay business while on holiday.

The message concluded with, “Here’s to all your triumphs this year and to more success in 2023! We can’t wait to connect with you again in the new year.”

eBay Australia 2022 Seller Wrap Up Video

eBay UK also posted a similar year-end wrap-up video. We are still waiting if other major eBay marketplaces (US, Canada, Germany?) will do the same in the coming days. It’s always nice to be thanked!

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