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eBay Bans Protective Masks and Sanitizing Products


eBay issued a notice today that due to regulatory restrictions across the United States, the company has chosen to ban certain items listed on its site.

Effective immediately, eBay will block new listings and start to remove listings that sell:

  • Masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks
  • Hand Sanitizer/Gel
  • Disinfecting Wipes

eBay said it will continue to monitor the evolving situation and quickly remove any listing that mentions COVID-19, coronavirus, 2019nCoV (except books) in the title or description.

These listings may violate applicable US laws or regulations, eBay policies, and exhibit unfair pricing behavior for its buyers.

To learn more about the eBay policies, eBay suggests sellers read the three most relevant policies on this topic: Prescription and over-the-counter drugs policy, Disaster and Tragedy policy, Search manipulation policy.

This policy builds on a notice eBay posted last week reminding sellers not to take advantage of the health crisis by offering products at inflated prices or that make dubious health claims.

Unfortunately, it seems not enough sellers followed that suggestion and now eBay is taking more drastic measures that will hurt legitimate sellers of these products.

What do you think about how eBay is cracking down on abusive selling practices in regard to the Coronavirus health crisis?

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  1. It dosent take a math wiz to calculate an inflated price. Last weeks or last months average compared to a sellers current price can identify an inflated price.
    Looks like eBay dosent know how to count. If they did, legitimate sellers would not be harmed by the current policy.

    1. Richard lee says:

      Exactly, they have algorithms and filters for everything else. Why cut off supplies for folks that are in need?

  2. I saw some really high prices, but saw some good ones to. The only place to buy these items is on eBay or Amazon so I can understand the supply and demand issue for the sellers and buyers should expect higher prices since there is no availability anywhere. Buyers should have the option to buy or not buy. eBay should really not be getting involved in my opinion. I personally have bought reasonable priced masks on eBay.

  3. The real concern is that by doing so (and besides hurting sellers who may have large inventories) eBay essentially got rid of a large inventory of items that are in shortage and in great need.

    You hear every day in the news that health care places and agencies are lacking facemasks, there’s a shortage, etc… well, some eBay sellers have those in abundance.

    Instead of that policy why not put in place some kind of filters that detect higher than normal prices based on a UPC (and require a UPC for such products for example) and notify a seller to update price or remove listing or some kind of similar process? ? ?


  4. The problem is eBay is not removing all of the listings.
    I was literally selling hand sanitizers at one of the top 20 lowest prices.
    My listing got dropped.
    I still see more than 1500 listings that are selling much higher than mine, some are more than 4x of my price. In fact, the number of listings increased past few hours. Theirs is not being dropped for some reason.
    If they are going to ban certain products and actually enforce it to all sellers equally, I have no problem. But it’s a problem if some sellers are being enforced and some are not.

  5. Ridiculous…people are wanting these items and aren’t being forced to buy them and can make a decision to purchase or not purchase. Supply and demand should drive the price…and or set stipulations outlining what will be allowed or not allowed as far as price etc., but don’t remove these listings for those who would like to buy or sell them. There’s more to it than we’re being told. Could it be politically motivated…does the deal with 3 different manufacturers one in which received 35 million masks per month have anything to do with it? Its sure is interesting when you think about none are available….short supply…oh we’re gonna voluntarily remove everyone’s listings with excuse of price gouging. EBAY…What a disappointment for the free market. If it really is about the price then set parameters and don’t discriminate

  6. I agree it makes no sense! you’ve got a worldwide shortage and eBay blocks people from selling items with bs claims 0f price gouging Or regulatory authorities! Ebay has always been an auction site …nobody’s forcing anybody to buy anything The market setting the price not the sellers, It’s absurd to deny the people the option to buy these things desperately in need at whatever price and I echo most of the sentiments afour and above . But were they really should be sued is making these bogus claims and blocking and yanking some listings while others go unchecked. It seems there’s simply choosing who can sell and who cannot because I see many items listed it for higher prices than I was selling for actively being listed and sold yet I can’t even
    List an auction style format and let the market set the price so it seems it’s not what you know is perhaps who you know at eBay?

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