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eBay Broke All Sales Records Over Cyber 5 Weekend Record

eBay’s Jordan Sweetnam penned a blog post about the marketplace’s performance over the big Cyber 5 shopping weekend (Thursday to Monday) which broke all sales records for the platform.

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Refurbished and hard-to-find items, but also luxury items, emerged as top trends this year with shoppers searching on eBay for everything from Playstations to Jordans to Rolex watches.

Refurbished products may be becoming the new normal for many shoppers as buyers bought certified refurbished items like never before, from top brands such as Bose, Skullcandy, Cuisinart, DeWalt, Makita and iRobot.

eBay’s own research showed that 80 percent of Americans were open to receiving refurbished items as gifts. With sales of refurbished items increasing by 170 percent during the Cyber 5 weekend, actual sales seemed to have validated their research.

Of course, gaming systems increased by 215% vs. last year during this busy shopping weekend. And it’s not just the latest generation of consoles ringing up the numbers, but previous generation Playstation and Xbox consoles spiked 460% on average since last month.

Luxury goods are also alive and kicking with 10 luxury watches and 20 pairs of sneakers selling every minute on the eBay platform during Cyber 5.

Collectively, it appears eBay sellers had a great Cyber 5 weekend. With the COVID pandemic forcing more restrictions, lockdowns and people taking additional precautions by not shopping in stores, it seems eBay sellers should continue to see increased sales over the next two weeks.

But, with strong sales being reported by online retailers of all sizes, and as the days to December 25 dwindle down, can shipping carriers deliver packages on time? That may become the biggest challenge yet.

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