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Just yesterday we posted a story about how eBay is upgrading its mobile platform to provide guidance to shoppers with Why-To-Buy signals.

Now it appears eBay is building out or expanding a new platform for sellers. But there has been no announcement about it to the public. So how do we know about it?

eBay mentioned it in a job posting for a Sr. Product Manager – Seller Guidance at their Bellevue, Washington office.

The job listing states: “We are seeking a Senior Product Manager who will build the next generation of Sherpa – our Selling Guidance Delivery Platform.”

Did you know there was a “Selling Guidance Delivery Platform” and it had a name (Sherpa)? No? Neither did we!

Meet Sherpa – Kind Of

Scouring the Internet, eBay’s technology blog, and other job postings, we are unable to find any reference to the name “Sherpa.”

Job postings at other eBay locations only call out the selling guidance technology as “AI-based” but much of the details of the job requirements are similar.

ebay seller hub screen understand your business performance
Source: eBay

Without confirmation from the company about Sherpa, we can only speculate Sherpa (or a version of it) is one of the technologies that powers parts of eBay’s Seller Hub.

In addition to providing a dashboard for managing listings and orders, Seller Hub already has tools to provide basic analytics and selling suggestions.

Since eBay gained advanced data mining and analytics technology when it acquired Terapeak, we can assume Terapeak technology is finding its way into this “Selling Guidance Delivery Platform.”

Here is how eBay explained the Sherpa technology in the job posting that mentioned the technology by name:

“This platform delivers critical insights to sellers like what kinds of inventory they should source, how they should price it to be competitive and how they improve their overall listing to improve conversion and sales. This guidance is built using the latest machine learning algorithms which we are constantly iterating upon and testing using the Sherpa platform.”

So what about that name? Sherpas are a member of a Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering. They often provide guide services in the Mount Everest region.

Now it appears eBay is building out a digital version of a Sherpa to guide sellers through improving their inventory, sales, and conversions.

And eBay hopes that it will help shoppers fill their carts with color as sellers provide more relevant products buyers want to purchase.

Do you have any thoughts about eBay’s Seller Hub and the apparent expansion into more detailed seller guidance? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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