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eBay today announced it is acquiring Terapeak, a Toronto-based company that uses supply, demand and pricing data to help eBay and Amazon sellers gain insight into product sales.

Once the transaction closes, eBay will begin integrating certain functionality from Terapeak into its Seller Hub.

Seller Hub brings valuable insights from eBay’s vast array of data directly to its sellers to help them manage and grow their business in one place – making professional selling on eBay easier.

The user-friendly interface enables sellers to manage their inventory and orders, access valuable performance insights, identify opportunities for growth and take advantage of ways to get their products in front of the right buyers faster and more efficiently.

“Nearly two million sellers currently manage their eBay business on Seller Hub. Expanding Seller Hub to provide additional capabilities from Terapeak will help our sellers be even more successful and enable them to more effectively manage their businesses on eBay.
We are committed to being the best partner to our sellers as we look to create the most powerful selling platform. The integration of Terapeak’s functionalities into Seller Hub – from sales history and performance enhancement opportunities to price guidance and comparisons – will continue to help eBay’s merchants scale their businesses on eBay.”

Bob Kupbens, Vice President of B2C Selling at eBay

Many sellers had lamented on the features that eBay had asked Terapeak to remove which included detailed information on competitor’s sales.

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Drop in Subscriptions?

While Terapeak never admitted to a drop in subscriptions, anecdotal stories on seller forums seem to show that many sellers were dropping the service at the end of the billing cycle.

By integrating Terapeak into Seller Hub, the eCommerce marketplace can use the technology innovated by Terapeak to provide its sellers more detailed data.

How this acquisition will impact the Amazon reporting by Terapeak is unclear right now.

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