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eBay Canada Extends FedEx Shipping Labels Platform Integration


eBay, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, and FedEx, the world’s largest express transportation company, announced that eBay Canada sellers will be able to access FedEx shipping services directly through eBay Labels, a proprietary label printing solution.

The integration of FedEx technology gives eBay sellers a seamless, on-platform experience to access FedEx domestic and international shipping tools and services – all at preferential rates.

This Canadian technology enhancement builds on the long-standing relationship between eBay Canada and FedEx in countries around the world and empowers eBay sellers to harness the unprecedented demand in eCommerce.

Pre-COVID, FedEx projected the US domestic market would hit 100 million packages per day by 2026, with 96 percent of the volume coming from eCommerce. This projection is now expected to be hit in 2022, with a similar trend anticipated for the Canadian market. 

“Providing an exceptional selling experience to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians that leverage our global marketplace remains a top priority for eBay, and FedEx is key in delivering on this experience,” said Robert Bigler, General Manager, eBay Canada.

“With this extended FedEx alliance, we’re making shipping even easier and more cost-effective for our eBay sellers, which in turn allows them to bring the best value and service to our marketplace.”

“FedEx enjoys a strong alliance with eBay…FedEx and eBay share a commitment to helping our Canadian customers—including thousands of small and medium businesses—expand through innovation, growth, and eCommerce. We are excited to see how these enhancements improve our customers’ fulfillment needs so they can continue to drive their business forward,” added Lisa Lisson, President, FedEx Express Canada.       

About eBay Canada Labels

eBay Labels is an on-platform label printing solution that helps customers easily manage their shipping label needs on eBay Canada without having to create individual accounts with shipping couriers.

With eBay Labels:

  • All required information to print a label (such as buyer address and contact information) is automatically pre-filled.
  • Tracking numbers are automatically added to orders on eBay so buyers can stay informed of the progress of their shipments.
  • Including this tracking information helps with any disputes down the line.
  • eBay sellers can purchase a new label on a desktop computer or on the mobile app – whichever is most convenient for you.
  • eBay sellers will save time and resources by printing multiple labels in bulk.
  • For multiple orders to the same buyer, eBay sellers can save money by purchasing and printing only one shipping label instead of multiple labels using the “Combine” feature. This feature updates on eBay’s end as well, automatically informing customers and thereby saving sellers both time and effort.

Learn more about all the features eBay Canada Labels offers.

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