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eBay Canada: New Seller Protections, New Seller Center, New Sales Tax Law


eBay Canada is rolling out updates on the platform that include enhanced protections for them and a freshened-up look of the seller center.

New eBay Canada Enhanced Protections For Sellers

The company has expanded its seller protections to give more Canadian sellers access to the partial refund tool. Sellers with Above Standard seller ratings or higher will now be able to refund up to 50% of the value of the item for used or damaged returns.

This functionality is also available for items sold by Canadian sellers on the US site.

Redesigned Seller Center

eBay Canada also released an update to its Seller Center to help sellers improve their selling skills and grow their business on the marketplace.

The updated Seller Center includes a clean, modern design so sellers can easily find relevant information about topics that are important to them.

In addition, Canadian sellers will find more resources and information in the Seller Center to help them take a deeper dive into their business.

The refreshed Seller Center content enables sellers to quickly skim information and use clear and visible buttons and navigation to go straight to the eBay tools and features they’re looking for.

Sellers can now stay on top of their selling game with eBay news and updates, and conveniently access other eBay resources including videos and social media, and the platform’s active Community where buyers, eBay staff, and sellers come together to share, connect, and learn.

The updated Seller Center now gives sellers a seamless experience from any device, whether you’re working from an office or selling on the go.

In addition, the updated site is more closely aligned with international eBay Seller Center sites to provide a streamlined content and navigation experience across international borders.

New Sales Tax Law Starts July 1

And while we covered this already, the change may have a significant impact on eBay sellers in Canada, as eBay Canada will have to collect sales tax on sales by Canadian sellers, even those that previously were exempt. See this previously published story for more details.

This change is due to a new law that goes into effect on July 1, 2022, and applies to all online marketplaces.

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  1. So now, for used items there are 4 fees….

    1.) Purchase price

    2.) Shipping fees (which have become extremely high in recent years)

    3.)Import fees on most items from outside canada, since the global shipping program came into being, which can really drive up the cost of things

    4.) And NOW.. A tax on that (even though used items were already taxed when they were sold new!!

    I already barely used Ebay after they introduced import fees, because the cost of things was just too much used, to justify buying.

    I used to buy all my used books on ebay. I cabt now because they are cheaper NEW!!!

    1. The new tax rules are only applicable to sales inside Canada between a Canadian seller and buyer. When items are shipped to Canada, Canadian buyers have been paying those taxes already. Maybe on some very low price items, CBSA didn’t bother, but typically sales taxes are collected along with any duties on shipments to Canada.

      Also, sales tax has nothing to do with the condition of the item. If a state or province requires sales tax on a commodity, it will always be due regardless if it’s sold or resold. When you purchase a pre-owned car or refurbished item from a physical store, you still pay sales tax (unless normally exempt due to the type of commodity).



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