eBay Canada Seller Protections Wildfires

eBay Canada Offers Seller Protections to Users Impacted by Wildfires

eBay Canada is extending seller protections to Canadian sellers in response to the wildfires and resulting air quality concerns that have disrupted shipments to and from various communities across the country.

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The company has stated that it is actively monitoring the situation and will automatically safeguard seller performance metrics, ensuring that their ratings are not negatively impacted from:

  • Late shipment rate.
  • Valid tracking upload rate.
  • ‘Item not received’ cases due to late delivery as long as sellers have uploaded tracking before the case was opened, and have a physical scan from the carrier.
  • Defects resulting from transactions a seller had to cancel.

eBay Canada will also take steps to remove any negative or neutral feedback related to impacted shipments. These cases will not have an effect on a seller’s service metrics rating for Item Not Received.

Furthermore, the company will consistently update delivery date estimates to ensure that buyers have accurate expectations regarding their purchases on the marketplace.

Trust eBay Canada – But Verify

When eBay provides these seller protections, it is still advisable for sellers to actively monitor all their performance metrics, even if eBay assures them of automatic adjustments.

It is important to note that the process of making adjustments may take a few days.

However, we recommend sellers regularly check their accounts and promptly reach out to eBay if they believe a shipment should have been covered under the seller protection.

For updates on delivery interruptions, visit the following carriers’ websites:

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