eBay Confirms Seller Performance Standards Will Not Be Impacted by USPS Delivery Delays

USPS announced changes to its service standards adding one day to most First-Class Package and Priority Mail transit times.

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eBay is updating its estimated delivery times where needed to accurately reflect this change USPS communicated today.

Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis eBay said it maintained steady communication with the United States Post Office and will continue to use all information to display reliable delivery information to buyers.

eBay asks sellers if they cannot get to their local post office to schedule a home pickup with USPS. The U.S. Postal Service will pick up at no charge as long as it is during the hours of regular mail delivery.

No Action Required From eBay Sellers

Furthermore, eBay reaffirmed to sellers there is no action required of them and the company will continue to protect selling performance standards during this unprecedented time.

In addition, if a delivery is late due to these updated USPS delivery estimates, eBay will not count late shipments when it is able to see that the item was shipped within the handling time stated in the listing.


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