eBay Delays New Store Subscription Tiers for Canada

eBay.ca posted a note to sellers that it was delaying the introduction of new store subscription tiers to early 2019.

Originally the company announced in their 2018 Spring Seller Update these new tiers would be available to Canadian sellers in late 2018.

“In our 2018 Spring Seller Update, it was announced that two new Store subscriptions—Starter and Enterprise—would be introduced to eBay.ca in late 2018.

There was a lot of buzz about these new subscriptions among Canadian sellers at eBay Open this year, and we want to confirm that yes, these new subscriptions are still coming to eBay Canada!

There may be a small delay that will see them launch early in 2019, but we’ll keep you updated, and provide more information as we have it.”

eBay.ca Statement

No further details were provided and it is not clear what would cause this delay as the U.S. platform is fully integrating the new tiers.

eBay Canada and eBay.com (U.S.) are generally closely matched marketplaces as many sellers on both sides of the border list on both.

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