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Listing Sneakers on eBay Just Got Easier on Mobile – But There Is a Catch for Business Sellers

In an effort to assist eBay sellers, the online marketplace has introduced a simplified listing process for sneakers within its mobile app.

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The new feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms and has been integrated into the quick listing tool, aimed at improving the overall listing experience across the platform.

Most importantly, this new listing process for sneakers includes pre-filled item specifics, which enables sellers to provide accurate information effortlessly.

Furthermore, the new experience provides streamlined shipping choices, enabling sellers to promptly select the most suitable shipping method for their listing. Additionally, it offers photo and condition guidance for five of the most sought-after sneaker brands in the Men’s and Women’s Athletic Shoe categories: Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Converse, and Reebok.

While the new tool proves beneficial for occasional sneaker sellers, there are limitations that currently reduce its usability for business sellers. Notably, the new listing flow is inaccessible when the seller:

  • Utilizes the Seller Hub (Laptop/Desktop)
  • Has recently opted into the new listing tool
  • Holds an eBay Store Subscription
  • Has activated Business Policies

The company has expressed its intention to broaden eligibility and participation in this new listing experience in the future, without specifying a timeline.

The eBay Sneaker Business

eBay holds the reputation as one of the original resale marketplaces and continues to thrive as a premier platform for purchasing and selling sneakers, encompassing both pre-owned and vintage items.

The marketplace is particularly known for its extensive offerings, featuring popular models such as Air Jordan 1s and other sneakers from the 1980s era. In 2022, the demand for Air Jordan 1s was so evident, daily searches for this specific model surpassed 100,000 queries.

eBay says it takes pride in its array of reliable services, notably the Authenticity Guarantee, which has significantly enhanced the buying and selling experience for sneakers on the platform. This feature instills confidence in shoppers by assuring the authenticity of their purchases.

The company remains steadfast in its commitment to offering competitive selling fees for sneakers, pioneering innovations like eBay 3D True View, and providing a money-back guarantee to solidify its standing as a secure and dependable platform for sneaker enthusiasts.

Since the introduction of the eBay Authenticity Guarantee for sneakers in 2020, it has been a transformative force for the marketplace, authenticating over 4 million sneakers worldwide.

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