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eBay Continues to Evolve eBay Stores With New Features

eBay continues to evolve its eBay Stores to help sellers get more visibility, engage their customers, and grow their business on the marketplace. Some of these features the company highlighted this week in an announcement were previously revealed during the 2022 Winter Seller Update.

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In 2021, eBay rolled out new Store features to help sellers get more visibility and engage buyers. Also, the company recently announced an expansion of where Store information appears on the View Item page, with the seller name, logo, feedback, and “About this seller” section getting a more prominent display across all devices. 

Building on those updates, eBay is adding additional ways to get Stores in front of buyers:

  • Sellers will see a Store category module with their logo and top categories displayed on the View Item pages.
  • Enhanced search functionality will make it easier for buyers to find Stores.
  • Sellers will also be able to send Store newsletters to specific buyer groups

In addition, previously, sellers could add a frame with Store information around a listings’ description on the desktop. The company is phasing out this listing frame, and most of its features will move to other places on the View Item page as part of these updates.

New eBay Store Module

In late March, eBay will launch a new Store category module on View Item pages. This module will display up to nine categories from a seller’s eBay Store and a ‘See all’ button for buyers to explore all categories sellers are offering. 

This will initially be available to sellers who currently have a listing frame set up on their View Item page. In the coming months, as eBay removes listing frames, it will become available to more sellers.

Buyers will see this new module on desktop first and over time eBay will expand this feature to mobile web and the eBay app.

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