eBay Expansion to Latin American Markets via PideloRapido


eBay and PideloRapido announced they have formed a partnership. This will bring more goods from U.S. eBay sellers to Latin American consumers.

It seems we are seeing an increasing activity by U.S. marketplaces to enter or form partnerships for the Latin American market. This renewed interest is likely due to economies in the region recovering from their recessions.

There has always been a large interest in U.S. goods from consumers in the Latin American region.

If you are longtime eBay seller or have run your own online store, you may have seen many U.S. deliveries going to an address in Doral, Florida with strange codes associated to the customer’s name.

Doral, FL is located at the edge of the Miami International Airport, which has the third largest air cargo volume in the U.S. Memphis, TN (FedEx hub) and Louisville, KY (UPS hub) are tops in the U.S., but Miami is the top international cargo center of all U.S. airports.

The surrounding Miami Airport area is littered with freight forwarders servicing mostly Latin American and Caribbean destinations.

Many businesses from the region use the freight forwarders in Doral to handle their U.S. purchases for export to their country.

But there is also a large number of individuals utilizing the export services, especially after a “shopping visit” to Miami. However, often this required picking up shipment at the destination airport or a regional warehouse.

eBay and PideloRapido to Make it Easier for Individuals in Latin America and The Caribbean

PideloRapido (Spanish for “ask for it fast”), is an all-inclusive online shopping solution to offers consumer door-to-door delivery of inventory from top retailers in the U.S. to homes and offices throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Unlike when using freight forwarders located in South Florida, PideloRapido does not require consumers in Latin America and the Caribbean to have a U.S. billing address or PayPal account.

This should expand the pool of Latin American consumers purchasing goods from the U.S. as PideloRapido removes a common obstacle.

Consumers in the region often couldn’t complete purchases when using a U.S. delivery address, because their credit card or billing address was located outside the U.S.

Removing this necessity to create a “presence” in the U.S. will make it much simpler for consumers in the region to purchase goods in the U.S. And they are delivered to their door instead of a pick-up warehouse.

Even if a U.S. seller offered direct shipment to their country, clearing customs was often fraught with delays, as incomplete or inaccurate descriptions could hold up goods for weeks. This is another area PideloRapido’s service solves.

“We’re thrilled to partner with PideloRapido to bring eBay’s expansive selection of inventory to a broader consumer audience in Latin America. Cross-border e-commerce in emerging markets can be challenging and we’re confident this partnership will better serve the consumers of the region.”

Sylvie De Wever, GM Latin America & U.S. Exports

This new partnership marks the one year anniversary of PideloRapido graduation from Friends of eBay Accelerator Program. The eBay program helps tech entrepreneurs from all over the world scale their startups.

Alberto Sobalvarro, co-founder and CEO of PideloRapido, was nominated for the 2017 Manager of the Year award in Guatemala in the Young Manager category.

Currently PideloRapido serves consumers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Colombia with plans to expand to the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru in 2018.

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