Image: Richard Meldner | eBay Feedback Pop-Up

eBay Experimenting with New Feedback Display?

We received a question this morning from a reader that noticed eBay is showing a new way to display feedback on listings. So we dug into this a bit.

For multi-quantity listings, eBay is now adding a feedback screen unique to the product first before providing a link to the full feedback page.

In the section of the eBay “Buy Box” that shows how many available and how many sold, there is now a new link that shows “See feedback”.

Image: Richard Meldner | eBay "Buy Box"
Image: Richard Meldner | eBay “Buy Box”

When you click on the “See feedback”, a new popup displays feedback specific to that item.

The popup shows the same feedback information as before, except the comments are specific to sales of that item. There is a link at the bottom of the popup to “See all” feedback from that seller, which opens up the standard feedback page.

Image: Richard Meldner | eBay Feedback Pop-Up
Image: Richard Meldner | eBay Feedback Pop-Up


As eBay continues to improve the platform to make it more user-friendly, the addition of the per item feedback pop-up is a nice touch for buyers.

There have been third party implementations of similar features using active content templates before. However, with the new active content policy, those all went away.


For sellers, this is a two-way street. It can highlight the service for a listing because all feedback initially shown to a buyer is only about that one listing.

If you had a string of problems with an unrelated product(s) that caused you negative feedback, it could be beneficial. Now the pop-up will help “mask” them as the buyer would only see the string of negative feedbacks on the next page. (If they bother to click “See all”).

So for those instances, this should continue to keep conversion high on all your products that sell well and that have no service issues.

However, the opposite is true if you run into a problem. If you have a negative feedback problem on a single item, now buyers will see that. Now, those are not “buried” in the long list of positive feedbacks you may have.

In that case, you may have either ditch the product (why list something that causes you headaches?) or if a temporary problem, relist it.


Because this feature rolled out without much fanfare by eBay, we do not know the development status.

Right now this could only be called an experiment until eBay confirms this to be a new feature. This feedback pop-up is added automatically and there are no known seller controls.

We looked at over 50 active listings with multiple sales in 2016 and 2017. Based on our research we found the following information on when the feedback pop-up is displayed.

  • Feedback pop-ups only display on multi-quantity listing.
  • Listings must have one feedback from this year (2017). If the item was sold and paid for in 2016, but the feedback was received in 2017, it will trigger the pop-up.
  • The pop-up will display even if the listing has only single lifetime feedback. Again, the single feedback must be from be 2017.
  • There is no correlation to product reviews. Even listings with zero product reviews receive the feedback pop-up.
  • A maximum of 10 feedback comments display in the scroll list.
  • In the scroll list, feedback comments are prefaced with “During past month”, During past 6 months”, or “During past year”. The 10 newest feedbacks are always shown. However, during the past year only includes feedback to January 1, 2017.
  • The total fields on the pop-up (positive, neutral, negative) are clickable when the item has relevant feedback for those totals.

Since we are still considering this an experiment, the “triggers” could change. Right now we are not even sure if this applies to all sellers yet.

The new feedback pop-up was observed on the U.S. eBay platform only. Looking at Canada and UK, who often follow the U.S. platform, there was no sign of this pop-up.

We love to hear your thought on this. Leave us a comment below.

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