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eBay Extends Seller Protections Due To USPS Carrier Delays

eBay extended its protection to sellers that are being impacted by USPS carrier delays.

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In a note to sellers, the company said it is continuing to monitor and evaluate the environment and it will remain flexible as it pertains to protecting its sellers.

eBay confirmed it is still seeing some delays in deliveries because the pandemic continues to impact USPS carriers and therefore it is reinstating seller protections specifically related to carrier delays:  

  1. eBay will remove Late Shipments due to carrier delays.
  2. Sellers that provide valid tracking and when the shipping carrier is experiencing delays, eBay will credit sellers with on-time tracking upload so that there is no negative impact their ability to qualify as a Top Rated Seller.

The company is extending these previously announced protections through September 30th, 2020.

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