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eBay Fulfillment Now Available in Australia – Following Previous Launches in the UK and Germany

eBay has launched a fulfillment solution for Australian sellers from two warehouses in Sydney with additional warehouses planned in other major Australian cities the company confirmed this week.

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“At eBay, we understand that housing, managing stock and delivery in tight timeframes can be challenging for growing a business – especially as eCommerce continues to accelerate and consumers expect faster and more seamless experiences.”

Hayat Horma, Director of Shipping at eBay Australia

“eBay’s priority is to provide the tools that enable our 40,000 Australian retailers to compete and grow; eBay Fulfilment by OraUKnge Connex will provide that – from streamlining the delivery experience to eBay Plus integration that gives sellers more opportunity to showcase their products to eBay’s nearly 12-million unique monthly visitors,” added Horma.

Third eBay Fulfillment Launch Globally – What About US?

This is the third fulfillment service launched globally by eBay with previous launches in the UK (2021) and Germany (2020), yet, still, no word if eBay may consider adding the US to the list.

eBay had dabbled and even announced launching a fulfillment service in the US, but shut down the pilot months later after consultants suggested to eBay management, “You can never, ever come close to competing with Amazon.”

eBay’s fulfillment operations are a joint venture with Chinese private equity investment, CITI CPE under the Orange Connex name.

Originally, Orange Connex was launched to provide Chinese eBay sellers better shipping access to the US and other countries.

It’s unclear if Orange Connex was part of the aborted US fulfillment program or if eBay may reconsider the US anytime soon.

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