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eBay Improves Promoted Listing Management in Seller Hub


eBay released a very brief note today to seller that they have improved the use of promoted listings in Seller Hub.

With three new features, managing promoted listings will be easier now for sellers.

The three new features are:

  • Seller can now promote their listing as they create them with just one click.
  • In the listing tab, seller can see which listings are promoted and promote more than one at a time.
  • Sellers can track which listings sell as promoted listings in their orders tab.

Promoted Listings

eBay continues to look at ways to bring more revenue to the platform.

Promoted Listings has seen tremendous growth with over 300,000 sellers promoting over 150 million listings.

For this reason, eBay is trying to make it even easier for sellers to use the feature as it clearly sees Promoted Listings as a significant revenue generator.

While some seller complaint that Promoted Listings just add to the cost of doing business on eBay, one cannot argue that the numbers do seem to show a lot of sellers are using them.

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