eBay Global Xpansion Program for Indian Sellers

eBay Launches Global Xpansion Program To Help Indian Sellers Reach More Customers Globally

eBay has launched the Global Xpansion Program (GXP) exclusively for Indian brands, aggregators and manufacturers, making their products more accessible across all eBay marketplaces.

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This program will support Indian brands to scale their business globally, helping them with integrated global shipping services, prioritized seller support, training, and education.

In addition, Indian sellers gain global market insights and demand-based inventory.

“The GXP aims to provide a plethora of opportunities and benefits to India’s brands, aggregators, and manufacturers in scaling their business to over 190 countries on the eBay platform,” said Pavan Ponnappa, Head Categories, Acquisition & Marketing at eBay India Cross Border Trade.

“Through GXP, we will continue to play the role of an enabler that is simplifying and making eCommerce exports accessible to businesses of all sizes.” 

eBay GXP Program Requires Meeting Regulatory Requirements

The GXP program requires onboarding and only sellers that have consumer-facing products ready to ship with the necessary documents to export worldwide (or are willing to obtain such documents) are eligible to join the program.

eBay will provide GXP eligible sellers with expedited registration, cataloging, and compliance support to help them target and promote their listings on the marketplace.

The program is intended for small Indian companies that want to grow their business and that sell unique or authorized products with an appeal in the global marketplace.

But for small business sellers in other regions (i.e. US, Canada, the UK), this also means increased competition from a low-wage market that could hurt some sellers to stay competitive on eBay.

The company has been active in China for years promoting direct to consumers (DTC) sales through its marketplace, which has been a point of contention among users already.

Buyers have lamented about a lack of transparency from Chinese-based sellers on eBay, while sellers have complained about subsidized postage and low-priced products competing with their domestic inventoried listings.

The Global Xpansion Program seems slightly different from eBay’s Chinese operations, and it could offer some unique products not easily found from domestic sellers. But, it opens the possibility that some domestic sellers will see new competitors in their categories.

eBay says in India it has seen a surge of demand across Gems & Jewelry, Home Decor & Furnishings, Health & Beauty, Business & Industrial, Fashion, and Auto Parts categories.

Indian sellers in these categories are most likely to expand the Global Xpansion Program since they already know the eBay marketplace.

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