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eBay To Enroll Most U.S. Listings For Export Sales


eBay is currently carrying out an ambitious expansion and streamlining of U.S. exports through the introduction of eBay International Shipping (eIS).

This new service is designed to simplify cross-border shipping, making it as easy as domestic shipping and greatly increasing global access to eBay’s U.S.-based inventory.

As a result, eIS is transforming eBay’s international shipping offering, opening up new opportunities for sellers to grow and expand their business on the global marketplace.

eIS eliminates the complications and expenses typically associated with international shipping, such as reducing fees, managing customs and compliance, tracking shipments, and even handling returns.

eBay will manage all these typical headaches without any additional costs to sellers, streamlining the process and making export sales more accessible to a wider audience on the marketplace.

The Export Opportunity With eBay

In 2022, cross-border trade was responsible for about 20% of eBay’s GMV, despite less than half of its inventory in the three major markets being eligible for export.

After the official launch of eBay International Shipping in the fall of 2022, more than 1.5 million sellers have successfully transitioned to eIS.

More importantly, customer satisfaction has also been high, with an 80% satisfaction rate reported. Some businesses have even begun directing their international customers exclusively to their eBay stores as a result of this new service.

“eBay is passionate about giving people the resources they need to connect with the things they love-no matter what country or category,” said Adam Ireland, VP and GM, eBay U.S.

“With eBay International Shipping, we’re making global connections even more accessible, affordable, and profitable, significantly increasing the volume of items available to shoppers in 200+ countries, and making it even easier for our sellers to tap a universe of new business opportunities.”

Taking advantage of its strategic cross-border investment to enhance export capabilities by simplifying the intricacies of international sales, eBay’s eIS will replace its two older international shipping platforms, the Global Shipping Program (GSP) and eBay International Standard Delivery (eISD).

U.S. sellers will be transitioned to the new eBay eIS program by July 1, 2023. This move will further streamline the international shipping process for eBay users, providing a more efficient and reliable service.

Automatic Enrollment

All eligible sellers will be automatically enrolled in the new eIS program by this summer, with the shipping default being to be set to eBay International Shipping.

However, if a seller already ships internationally and has current listings using other international shipping options, they may need to manually update their listings.

For sellers who are not interested in expanding their business with eBay’s cross-border solution – or who may be restricted by vendor agreements from selling outside the United States – eBay will allow those sellers to exclude individual listings, or completely unenroll from eBay International Shipping.

New Listings

Once a seller is enrolled in the program, new listings will automatically default to eBay International Shipping (unless not enrolled by choice).

Sellers who prefer to use their own international shipping carrier can continue to do so as well by adding another international shipping service to their listings. It is even possible for sellers to pick specific carriers and shipping methods on a per-listing basis.

What About Final Value Fees (FVF)?

Since international shipments usually include additional fees such as sales tax, international shipping cost, and import charges, eBay will not charge their FVF on these fees when shipping with eBay International Shipping.

Buyers will always be responsible for import fees. But for the “domestic” leg of the transaction, sellers can either offer free shipping or add a shipping cost that will be included in the fee paid by the buyer.


An integral aspect of international shipping is customs clearance, which is designed to facilitate the import of goods into the buyer’s country. When using the Duties Delivered Paid (DDP) option, the buyer is responsible for paying any import charges at the time of checkout.

On the other hand, with the Duties Delivered Unpaid (DDU) option, the buyer must pay any applicable import charges before delivery. DDU shipments may also result in the buyer being charged additional delivery fees by the carrier.

Currently, eBay offers both DDP and DDU options which are predetermined for each transaction based on the item’s price, weight, and the buyer’s shipping country.

Later this year, eBay International Shipping plans to offer buyers the ability to choose their preferred customs clearance method, either DDP or DDU, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Lost Shipments and Returns

One major advantage offered by the new eIS program is that eBay assumes the risk associated with shipping items internationally. For example, on returns, eBay will manage all return communications with the buyer at no additional cost to sellers and sellers will be able to keep the sale as well.

In other words, once an item arrives at the domestic shipping hub, the sale is deemed finished. If the buyer initiates a return, eBay will provide a refund at no expense to you.

Also, in case of loss or damage to an item during international shipping, sellers will not be held responsible if the buyer files an eBay Money Back Guarantee claim.

Late deliveries or eBay Money Back Guarantee cases associated with international shipping will not impact a seller’s performance standards and Service Metrics. eBay will even remove negative and neutral feedback from any shipping-related situations.

Go Global

Many small sellers feel uneasy about shipping items internationally, and it can be an overwhelming experience for those who lack familiarity with cross-border sales.

However, exporting products can increase profits without incurring any new risks. The eBay eIS program is specifically designed to alleviate most of the usual challenges associated with international shipping.

In short, eBay eIS makes global sales as easy as shipping an order across the country, and that is good for sellers. Sellers can learn more about eBay’s newest international shipping solution by going here.

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