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eBay Introduces Two New Features for eBay Motors

eBay launched two new features for eBay Motors parts and tires buyers in the United States. Let’s take a look at both of them and how they may benefit sellers.

eBay Virtual Tech

This new feature is specifically for eBay Motors buyers. Buyers can now directly connect with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians and receive expert advice on parts purchases and installation.

Virtual Tech is a fee-based program sold in two session blocks of 10 minutes and 20 minutes. The 10-minute session is $19.95, and the 20-minute session is $49.95.

For a limited time, eBay is offering a promotion to use Virtual Tech by reducing the fees to 14.95 and 44.95 respectively.

“When shopping for parts and accessories, many of our buyers may stumble across a question or need directions when it comes to the installation process. With our new Virtual Tech add-on, we’re bridging the gap and helping to connect shoppers with experienced professionals, while also providing them with our massive selection of inventory.”

Todd Madeiros, Vice President of Parts & Accessories at eBay

Nationwide Tire Installation Service

Image: eBay

eBay buyers purchasing tires on eBay Motors now have access to over 9,000 installation locations across the United States.

Buyers no longer have to ship the tires to their house and then bring them to a nearby tire shop. With this service, the tires will be sent to the installer directly.

This feature also avoids the problem of finding a tire shop that is willing to install tires bought online, an issue that often exists with major tire store chains.

Here is how the program works:

  • In My Garage buyers use the convenient tire size finder to browse a selection of tires that fit their vehicle make and model.
  • After making the tires selection, buyers choose from a list of trusted installers based on their preferred location and price.
  • Shortly after completing the order, the buyer contacts the desired tire shop to schedule an appointment for installation.
  • Buyers simply drive up in their car. Their tires will be there and ready for installation.

With this service, eBay is going directly after a feature long offered by the largest mail order/online Tire retailer in the U.S.

TireRackLogo1Tire Rack has been offering installation services for tires to its customers for many years.

It is likely that many of the same installers that provide this services to Tire Rack will also be offering the service to eBay buyers.

Typically installers on Tire Rack are independent tire shops, not part of a dealership or tire chain. Presumably, the same is true in the new eBay tire installation program.

How Sellers Benefit from These New Features

The good news is that sellers don’t have to do anything to be included in these programs. Both features are available to all buyers on the eBay Motors platform in the U.S. and do not require any seller interaction.

Tire sellers may want to highlight the new tire installation service in their listings to improve conversion.

It is probably a little more difficult for parts sellers to highlight the Virtual Tech program as buyers assume that sellers should provide these “services” for free.

However, buyers who may see the Virtual Tech offering as part of a promotion by eBay may gain confidence by purchasing their parts on eBay. So that would be good for sellers.

eBay Motors and Parts & Accessories are a large part of eBay’s business. More than they probably like to admit. With these two new features, eBay continues to improve the Motors platform.

Just a few months ago, the company launched online repair manuals, so the expansion of eBay Motors add-on services is vital to the platform and should benefit all sellers.

What do you think about these new features? If you are selling on eBay Motors, do you think they will help your sales? Let us know in the comment section below.

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