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eBay Partners With California AG Rob Bonta To Combat Organized Retail Crime

eBay joined California Attorney General Rob Bonta in a groundbreaking agreement aimed at addressing the growing concern of organized retail crime (ORC).

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This unique agreement brings together major retailers, online marketplaces, and the Attorney General’s office to foster cooperation and tackle the issue proactively.

In recent years, state Attorneys General nationwide have established task forces to combat ORC by enhancing collaboration, communication, and coordination among law enforcement agencies, retailers, and online marketplaces.

eBay has been a dedicated partner to law enforcement, retailers, and other stakeholders, working diligently to ensure the safety and security of consumers, sellers, and our marketplace.

“eBay is committed to providing a secure online shopping experience to millions of people globally and has been very serious about battling stolen goods,” said Zhi Zhou, Chief Risk Officer, eBay.

“We have zero tolerance for criminal activity on our platform and are proud to support Attorney General Bonta and other online marketplaces in this effort to curtail organized retail theft and support criminal prosecutions against those who try to use our platform to sell stolen goods.

“This will complement eBay’s Partnering with Retailers Offensively Against Crime and Theft (PROACT) program, a collaboration with Retail Loss Prevention departments in North America seeking assistance with investigations related to Organized Retail Crime.”

This significant agreement in California follows the enactment of the federal INFORM Consumers Act in December 2022.

The INFORM Act mandates online marketplaces to gather, authenticate, and disclose specific information about high-volume sellers.

eBay has been a staunch advocate of the INFORM Act, which reinforces the safety and transparency of online marketplaces through feasible seller verification and disclosure requirements while safeguarding the privacy and security of sellers.

The INFORM Act became effective on June 27, 2023.

eBay remains fully committed to maintaining a trusted and secure platform for buyers and sellers alike, as outlined in its 2022 Transparency Report.

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