Former German eBay Kleinanzeigen site to Feature New Branding with Kleinanzeigen Logo Only

German Classifieds Site ‘eBay Kleinanzeigen’ To Finally Change Name and Branding

Last year, we reported that Adevinta is removing the eBay logo from the “eBay Kleinanzeigen” branding, the German classifieds’ portal the Norwegian company acquired in 2021 from eBay. But now there is a date.

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eBay Kleinanzeigen will soon be called simply “Kleinanzeigen” (“classified ads”) with the rebranding to take place on May 16, including the new logo, app icon and website. The site will move to its new domain,, as we suggested last year from domain records and placement of fav icons.

The service’s website will feature a new color palette, with the new logo symbolizing sustainability and the circular economy through a stylized ‘K.’ In the old logo, the red circle around the word “Kleinanzeigen” had referred to “highlighting” an interesting newspaper ads.

“New Name, New Logo, New Design” the company introduces its new look on the preview, but everything else will remain the same for users. The marketplace will still provide 36 million German speaking users access to over 50 million ads every month.

Most “Kleinanzeigen” users will also continue to receive up to 50 ads per month at no charge, with a small fee for posting additional ads (0,95 EUR per insertion). Vehicle and real estate listings are limited to two ads per month each, with additional fees for additional insertions.

And since the site if frequently used on mobile, there is also nothing users will have to do moving forward, except to wait for an update from the company to bring the new branding to its IOS and Android apps.

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