eBay Labels Shipment with eBay Tape

eBay Labels Drops Rates for Select USPS Priority Mail Shipments

In a surprise announcement, sellers who use eBay Labels for shipping their packages will now be able to save even more money on Priority Mail labels for packages up to 6 lbs in USPS zones 1-4.

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This cost-saving benefit is effective immediately, meaning that sellers can take advantage of this opportunity right away. The company didn’t provide any specifics on what these savings might be.

eBay Labels is a powerful and efficient tool that simplifies the shipping process for sellers. Not only does it provide significant discounts on shipping rates from all the major carriers, but it also offers an easy and convenient way for sellers to purchase, edit, and print their shipping labels.

Additionally, eBay Labels provides tracking information that is automatically uploaded on the platform to confirm shipment and notify buyers that their order has been processed.

Sellers can easily determine shipping costs and compare eBay-negotiated rates from leading carriers using the eBay Labels Shipping Calculator.

These new prices went into effect on May 2, 2023, and it’s the second time in six months, eBay reduced shipping prices on USPS Priority Mail shipments with no advance notice.

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