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eBay Labels – New USPS and UPS Shipping Charges

eBay announced that over the coming weeks there will be changes in shipping fees sellers pay when using USPS and UPS labels printed through its eBay Labels platform.

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These are not the peak season or holiday season surcharges but adjustments to the base rates when using eBay Labels.

eBay Labels – USPS Rate Changes

Effective September 26, 2022, sellers using eBay Labels will save even more on USPS Priority Mail labels for select weights and zones.

eBay didn’t provide an exact rate table, but the new rates will be up to $1.02 lower than Commercial Pricing.

Reducing the overall base rates for Priority Mail is good news for sellers, even with the potential of USPS peak season surcharges temporarily reducing the gains.

eBay Labels – UPS Rate Changes

Effective October 2, 2022, sellers using eBay Labels will see UPS rates go up between 1% to 3%.

Again, eBay didn’t provide a rate table for this change, but the company said this rate increase mostly impacts heavier ground packages and some air packages.

What Should eBay Sellers Do?

Whenever there are rate changes, sellers offering free shipping or fixed-price shipping on the platform may notice a negative impact on their business.

On the USPS side, since the rates are going down, there is little that sellers need to do now as the US Postal Rate changes favor them.

However, sellers that frequently use UPS may need to take some of their most common weights and zones — especially if sending heavier or bulky items — and review the impact of these rate changes on their business.

One common trick often overlooked is to review box sizes as rates today are dependent on dimensional sizing.

Sometimes just reducing one inch on one dimension can have a significant impact on the shipping rate.

Of course, this only works if there is enough room left in the box to ship the item safely.

eBay sellers can use this handy shipping calculator to research the best shipping rates for their items before listing them on the platform.

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