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eBay Launches Trial of Photorealistic 3D True View in Sneakers Category


eBay is piloting a new artificially intelligence-powered, interactive, high definition 3-dimensional view for sneakers called 3D True View.

  • The company teamed up with Unity, a leading platform for creating and operating interactive 3D (RT3D) content, to launch its 3D True View feature. eBay actually holds a patent on similar technology, but apparently chose to go with more developed technology from Unity to bring this feature to the platform.
  • 3D True View allows sellers to showcase the actual item they are selling with a proprietary, interactive, 360-degree view, providing more visual details to buyers before making a purchase decision.
  • How it Works: Using a proprietary app, sellers can scan the object on their smartphone, taking video from multiple angles which is uploaded to the cloud and processed using AI methodology, creating a photorealistic 3D image of the item. Unity calls this a “digital twin.”
  • The trial is currently limited to select sneaker sellers in the US and eBay plans to roll it out to more sellers in 2022. eBay did not specify if the expansion would include sneaker sellers in other countries.
  • Also, there is no word if eBay plans to launch 3D True View beyond the sneaker category as there are many items for which this technology would be a huge benefit.
  • Sneaker sellers that are interested in trying this technology can sign up to be on the waitlist here.

eBay 3D True View Video

eBay Quote

“We are among the first in the resale market to bring this level of visualization detail and ease-of-use to consumers, and we believe it will be a game changer for our sellers and buyers. For sellers, this feature will unlock new opportunities to showcase their items in true-to-life detail. For buyers, this experience will allow them to examine the actual item they’re looking to buy from every possible angle, as if holding it in their hands, from the stitching to the sole to the quality of the material and everything in between.”

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at eBay

Unity Quote

“Leveraging real-time 3D technology enables sneaker sellers on eBay to create digital twins of their inventory, while giving buyers the chance to interact with a potential purchase first-hand and in a more compelling way than traditional static 2D images. We believe that the use of digital twins in eCommerce represents the next generation of shopping experience and provides a competitive edge for sellers and retailers.”

Dave Rhodes, Senior Vice President of Digital Twin, Unity

The full eBay press release introducing 3D True View is available here.

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