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eBay launched Automated Promoted Listings, a new rule-based enhancement to Promoted Listings that enables sellers to manage their promotions on the platform automatically.

“The launch of Automated Campaigns empowers sellers with businesses of all shapes and sizes to more efficiently manage their Promoted Listings. Whether it’s one item or thousands of items, this new functionality eliminates manual work while offering sellers more control over their ad rates.”

”The new functionality is useful for everyone selling on our platform, and is particularly well suited for sellers with high turnover rates and ad rate strategies that prioritize competitiveness or for sellers who desire to minimize setup time on the platform. The simplicity of the new experience is designed to give sellers the confidence to set and forget their Promoted Listings campaigns.”

Courtney Mayeda, Lead Product Manager at eBay
eBay Automated Promoted Listings
Source: eBay

eBay Automated Promoted Listings – How it Works

Sellers can automatically set rules to promote new listings with filters like price or eBay/store categories, saving sellers with dynamic inventory a lot of time. eBay plans to release more options soon to give sellers additional choices on setting up their filters.

When it comes to setting ad rates, eBay is also offering dynamic choices. Sellers can select the “automate suggested ad rate” option, which balances performance and costs by having Promoted Listings automatically adjusted daily to eBay’s suggested ad rates. The feature also provides options to set an ad rate cap or use the suggested ad rate as a benchmark or adjust rates above or below to protect profit margins.

While Automated Promoted Listings may require some experimentation for sellers to understand how to make it work best for their business, eBay said sellers would continue to have the same level of reporting and performance visibility they are accustomed to.

eBay developed a helpful guide here explaining Automated Promoted Listings in more detail.

eBay Promoted Listings was originally launched in 2017 to help sellers run targeted promotions on the platform. Some sellers think of this program as just another way for eBay to squeeze extra revenue per listing. Yet, the program’s growth (as evidenced in their earnings reports) also suggests it has gained significant popularity and must be working for sellers who use it.

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