eBay Open 2019

eBay Launches New Tools, Services and Updates Seller Protections

eBay Open is the company’s annual seller conference attended by over 1,500 sellers to learn more about the newest updates on the marketplace.

At this event, eBay also hosts breakout sessions focused on managing, growing, and converting a seller’s business.

Among the new features the company introduced are a series of new tools, seller protections, and it announced a new service that will start in 2020 called Managed Delivery.

Multi-User Account Access

All sellers in the US who opted into Seller Hub will be able to grant access to their Seller Hub more privately and securely.

With this new feature, business owners can now add employees or delegates to perform seller activities on their behalf without giving full access to their eBay account.

eBay said listings is the first capability it is rolling out. Sellers will be able to delegate editing, drafting, and publishing access for their listings to their employees.

This update provides both users – the seller and the employee – added security and privacy for their eBay account.

Later this year, eBay will enable more permissions, including shipping support for sellers to delegate.

eBay is among the first ecommerce companies to enable this feature at scale, beginning with this roll out in the US.

Terapeak Integration

US Sellers with a Basic, Premium, Anchor and Enterprise eBay Store Subscription will have access to Terapeak’s pricing insights in a new Research tab within Seller Hub.

Terapeak provides demand and pricing data to help ecommerce sellers know what their product is worth.

It may help sellers provide insight into products they should source and how to competitively price listing.

Terapeak also provides sellers with up to one year of pricing data. This integration is just the beginning and more insights will be added to the tool by the end of 2019.

eBay New Seller Protections

eBay announced considerable new actions they are taking concerning seller protections.

“Our sellers have told us that we need to do more to have their backs when they do everything right but something still goes wrong. We’re committed to making significant investments in protecting our sellers and I’m delighted that today we’re announcing these new protections.”

Wendy Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Operations

For top-rated sellers located in the US and who offer 30-day returns, eBay is introducing two new financial protections.

  • eBay will issue a seller invoice credit to cover return label cost if a buyer makes a false “item not as described” claim.
  • eBay will now allow these sellers to issue partial refunds for all items that are returned damaged.

These protections will be live in the US on October 1, 2019.

eBay is also making it easier for all sellers to report buyers who violate eBay policies. The company created a simple, clear set of consequences if something does go wrong.

eBay Managed Delivery

eBay also announced Managed Delivery. This new service is a cost-effective fulfillment program to launch next year. Beginning in the US, it will provide shoppers faster and more reliable delivery on millions of popular products.

The initiative will enable sellers with high-volume inventory to meet rising consumer expectations while reducing cost and complexity.

Managed Delivery will provide sellers the ability to store, pack and ship their products through expert logistics partners managed by eBay.

The new service allows sellers to store inventory closer to buyers in strategically located warehouses across the country, resulting in faster delivery time and lower shipping costs.

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  1. There are many Fraudulent item not as described claims, and when I prove this to Ebay, they could care less. So I do not know how they are going to determine fraudulent claims of item not as described because the Ebay reps tell me that they have no way to know if what the buyer is saying is true or false, so I do not see how this will help the sellers fight fraud. Ebay facilitates fraud, so how is this going to help me ? ?

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