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eBay announced Smart Share, a new Chrome Extension earlier this month which lets affiliates conveniently promote items as consumers browse eBay’s best inventory. The latest Chrome Extension is a part of eBay Partner Network (EPN), which is the marketplace’s affiliate scheme.

‘The Chrome Extension gives you the convenience of promoting items as you visit any page on eBay, outside of the eBay Partner Network (EPN) portal,” Sejal Patel, eBay partner network

Smart Share gives affiliates an option to find items, share links, and even earn commissions as they visit any page on eBay. Affiliates can also create a personalized tracking link to any eBay page, select any one of their existing campaigns, and has the option to either share it directly to Pinterest or Facebook or copy the link.

How Smart Share works

Smart Share adds a button to your Google Chrome toolbar to give you a quick access to create personalized tracking links while visiting any page on the eBay site.

What you can do with Smart Share:

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  • Raise your earning potentials. You can get more commissions with every link that you share.
  • Use social media to your advantage. You can promote listings, categories, brands, and deals and post it directly to your Pinterest and Facebook feed in one click.
  • You have a choice to share it on any social media platform. You have the option to share it directly on Pinterest or Facebook, or even copy and paste the link wherever you choose online.
  • Manage the campaigns wherever you may be. You can tie each link you create back to any one of your existing campaigns without logging into the EPN portal. Doing so will help you with a much better reporting and organizations.

You can download Smart Share from the Chrome Store or access the extension directly from your partner dashboard on the EPN Tools Page or in the EPN portal.

Have you used any of eBay’s Partner Network tools before? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below to let us know.

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  1. Hello Dave. Useful and very timely written article, thanks!

    As I new, it was diificult to join eBay EPN before if you don’t have a website, even good website with enough traffic etc. But as understand now eBay dose not reject and permits to join EPN very easier. Am I right?

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