eBay Up & Running Launch 2023

eBay Invites Sellers To Apply for 2023 Up & Running Grants – Designed To Boost Seller Success

eBay has launched its Up & Running initiative for 2023, a yearly grant program that recognizes exceptional small business sellers on the platform and equips them with the necessary resources to elevate their businesses.

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The Up & Running Grants program will award 50 U.S.-based eBay small business sellers with a $10,000 grant that they can use to enhance their small businesses, along with technology that will facilitate their expansion.

eBay has a longstanding commitment to promoting entrepreneurship, and these grants bolster small businesses by providing aid for physical and digital store improvements, new equipment and inventory, recruitment, training, and advertising.

For this year’s Up & Running Grant, eBay has included an extra allowance of $500 that every grant recipient can utilize to procure crucial office technology and tools from eBay Refurbished.

Between 2020-2023, eBay has committed over $2 million to inspire and assist small businesses in the United States to expand, develop, and flourish.

A survey of eBay’s Up & Running Grants program recipients since 2020 found that 91% of the awardees viewed the grant as extremely or very helpful for their business. Moreover, 41% indicated a clear surge in their business revenue after receiving the grant.

“For 28 years, eBay has fostered entrepreneurialism by giving people a platform to launch and grow small businesses,” said Adam Ireland, VP & U.S. General Manager at eBay.

“Supporting sellers is at the core of our marketplace, and the capital, community and business tools that make up our Up & Running Grants represent another layer of eBay’s investment and commitment to every seller’s success.”

eBay has teamed up again with Hello Alice to manage the grants program and grant access to mentorship and resources to all applicants, regardless of whether they receive a grant or not.

Hello Alice is a free, multichannel platform that facilitates the launch and expansion of businesses. This is the fourth year Hello Alice has been involved with this program.

“eBay’s Up & Running Grants program has made a tremendous impact on small business owners across the U.S. over the past few years,” said Elizabeth Gore, co-founder and President at Hello Alice.

“At Hello Alice, we have a mission of helping small businesses receive access to capital and resources that help them grow, which are especially necessary within today’s challenging economic climate. We’re excited about the launch of this year’s grant program and the additional business and technology tools that will help small business owner recipients succeed.”

Apply for an eBay Up & Running Grant

From now until 6 pm (EST) on Friday, June 9, 2023, eBay is inviting small business sellers in the United States to submit their applications for the Up & Running Grants.

Applicants will be required to furnish particulars about their small businesses and outline their intentions for utilizing the grant to propel their growth.

eBay is seeking sellers who come from diverse backgrounds, contribute their distinctive inventories and experiences to the marketplace, and are dedicated to their communities and the eBay ecosystem.

Based on previous years, grants will likely be awarded by September. To apply or learn more about eligibility requirements, sellers can visit ebay.helloalice.com.

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