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We received a tip this morning pointing us to a link on eBay’s FAQ for its eBay Bucks loyalty program that suggests the company may have closed the program or is in the processing of shutting it down.

Under the enrollment section, there is a question “How do I join?” where it now says “Enrollment in eBay Bucks program is currently closed.”

eBay Bucks loyalty program FAQ

While the answer does not specifically state the program has shut down, eBay says it is no longer accepting buyers into the loyalty program the company started back in 2009 and allowed U.S. and Canadian buyers to accrue credits toward future purchases. The answer in the FAQ section suggests eBay is either closing it completely or it may replace it with a new program under a different name.

On some other country marketplaces such as Australia and Germany, eBay operates a program called eBay Plus which also offers loyalty benefits to buyers. eBay Plus is a fee-based program that includes additional features beyond a simple credits-based loyalty program like eBay Bucks. Could eBay be considering such a program for the U.S. and Canada?

eBay Bucks Update

We have now learned from a source that eBay is apparently planning to make changes to the program effective April 1, 2021 with the biggest change being that user will stop earning 1% back in eBay Bucks on eligible purchases. However, limited time offers to earn eBay Bucks will still be offered. In addition, existing eBay Bucks members will have 12 months after April 1, 2021 to redeem their eBay Bucks.

While this additional information is interesting, it still does not completely explain how the eBay Bucks program will move forward or if it will be replaced by something else.

We have reached out to eBay for comment asking if eBay Bucks has or is shutting down based on the FAQ entry and will update this post if we receive a response from the company.

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