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eBay Main Street Members Share Top 2023 Policy Concerns

eBay, being a global online marketplace, acknowledges not only its capability to bring about changes in global ecommerce but also its obligation to its sellers to do so.

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As local and international trade business policies affect eBay sellers, the company consulted eBay Main Street Members to determine which policy issues would shape their online businesses in 2023.

Here’s what they had to say:

The majority of respondents (66%) reported that tax policies would have the most significant impact on their online business.

eBay believes that small internet-enabled businesses and casual sellers, who can reach global markets through its online marketplace, should not be subjected to the same taxes as big box retailers.

Following tax policies, Shipping & Postal received 19% of poll responses. Maintaining a reliable postal system is essential in supporting small and rural businesses.

eBay is committed to promoting policies that ensure access to affordable and dependable shipping alternatives.

Finally, sellers expressed equal concerns about global trade and privacy policies. eBay-enabled small businesses have a higher potential to access global markets and expand their customer base compared to traditional businesses.

Therefore, it is essential for eBay to safeguard the online privacy of both buyers and sellers by adhering to protective policies on a global scale.

eBay 2023

As eBay moves forward into 2023, the well-being of its Main Street Members and their businesses remains the company’s top priority.

eBay understands that global trade and business policies affect everyone differently. The company is committed to advocating for policies that promote global commerce and empower sellers to expand their businesses without experiencing undue burdens.

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