eBay is mandating new trading standards when listing or revising trading cards.
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eBay Mandates New Requirements When Revising Trading Card Listings


Starting October 23, 2023, eBay is implementing new listing requirements for sellers listing or revising single trading cards on the marketplace. This is an extension of the listing requirements added to trading cards earlier this year.

Sellers will be presented with a choice to select one of the new conditions along with their respective descriptors when listing or revising single trading cards:

Option 1: Graded Cards

  • Graded (Required)
  • Professional Grader (Required)
  • Grade (Required)
  • Certification Number (Recommended)

Option 2: Ungraded Cards

  • Ungraded (Required)
  • Card Condition (Required)

These descriptors are aimed at providing detailed information about the card’s condition, whether it has been professionally graded or not, as well as additional details that might be pertinent to potential buyers.

For sellers utilizing eBay’s Bulk Listing Tool and Editing tool, adherence to the new conditions is also mandated when creating listings via the ‘Relist’ and ‘Sell Similar’ flows.

eBay – Aiming for Transparency and Consistency

The introduction of these new conditions and descriptors is a step towards enhancing transparency and consistency in the trading card listings on eBay.

By providing detailed and standardized information about the condition of the cards, sellers help potential buyers make informed decisions, thereby fostering a trustworthy buying and selling environment on the platform.

Visit the Seller Center to learn more about these new requirements.

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