eBay announces changes to its U.S. eBay Motors site that will impact sellers who used the 21-day duration option in select categories.

Starting October 22, 2018, the  21-day duration option for fixed-price listings will no longer be available for the following eBay Motors categories:

  • Cars & Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Powersports
  • Other Vehicles & Trailers

Instead, eBay will offer a new 30-day listing duration option for fixed-price listings in these categories, which will cost sellers $50.

This price change applies to listings on the U.S. site only and sellers can find out more about the changes here.

No Changes to Parts & Accessories

This fee and duration changes will not impact the Parts & Accessories categories.

While Parts & Accessories once dominated the aftermarket online parts business, competitors such as Amazon and B2C sales by major aftermarket brands have taken a chunk out of eBay’s market share in parts and accessories.

eBay has added features such as on-demand repair manuals to try to minimize market share losses. And for Wheels and Tires it now offers options for sellers to add installation service near the buyer’s location.

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