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Today eBay have announced a brand new update for eBay motors.  They have released two new tools that aim to make it easier for their customers to buy the correct parts for their automobiles with confidence.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast tackling a simple car repair or a serious gear-head with a difficult project, eBay has announced two new features.

Shop By Diagram & A New ‘My Garage’

ebay motors

The first is called “Shop by Diagram”, which will let shoppers use interactive schematics to determine which parts are necessary, and then quickly making the exact items they need available for purchase.

Secondly a newly enhanced My Garage experience has also launched, which allows buyers to shop a personalized “virtual garage” of parts and accessories tailored specifically to  their vehicle.

Buying the wrong part or not having all the right parts to complete a repair is a common headache for both auto enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

According to eBay Motors’ Automotive DIY study, nearly half of consumers (49 percent) have mistakenly purchased a part either online or in store, that was incompatible with their vehicle.

On top of this, more than 70 percent have started a car repair before they realized they didn’t have all the right parts to finish the job. To address this, eBay has built algorithms that connect its catalog of over 80 million parts and accessories (Making it one of the largest auto parts inventories in the world) to its unique visual diagrams and fitment data.

“More than half of all U.S. adults have tackled some sort of auto repair by themselves, and not knowing exactly which part they need can be one of the biggest obstacles to online parts shopping…The new features we’re rolling out today eliminate the guesswork by helping people find and buy the specific part they need, even if they don’t know exactly what it is.” Jay Hanson, COO and Vice President of eBay Americas.

It is nice to see some new innovation and features coming from eBay, do you think these features will be well received by the eBay community?  Let us know in the comments down below or in our Facebook Group.

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