eBay is hitting the road in four metro areas with a free workshop called eBay Motors Live aimed at car dealers to help them succeed on the platform.

The first four cities are:

  • Miami (March 12)
  • Southern California /Orange County (TBD)
  • Atlanta (TBD)
  • Chicago (TBD)

The workshop is free, runs in the mornings from 9:30 to Noon, and will be hosted by four eBay Motors specialists:

  • Don “Junior” Queen, eBay Motors Key Account Manager
  • Tylor Williamson, Manager Dealer Accounts
  • David Bean, Sales and Success Manager
  • Roy Daves, Director Vehicle Sales and Account Management

Workshop Agenda

Each workshop will address key areas for dealers to help them become more successful on eBay selling vehicles.

1. Connect With The Modern Car Buyer And Increase Your Profit

This Session is all about buyer trends and the changing dynamic of today’s shopper. In this action-packed session, David Bean will teach sellers how to connect with the young, urban, tech smart, and highly informed car buyer to bring dealers into their world and uncover how they search for their next vehicle.

​2. Maximizing Your Leads: Converting Bidders Into Buyers

This session is about successful lead follow-up and optimizing all of a dealer’s digital leads. Don “Junior” Queen shows with 6 steps how dealers will become even more successful with the digital customer of today.

The fact is that car buyers only visit about 1 showroom before a purchase. Junior explains to sellers how to get the digital car buyer to visit a dealer’s showroom.

​3. Merchandising and Listing Best Practices

This session is all about taking the “Maximizing Your Presence” online and how to merchandise cars with the best of them. Tylor Williamson will walk through not just how to attract the most amount of eyeballs, but how to merchandise vehicle for the online sale.

Today’s Car buyer is ready to purchase from states away. He will show exactly what eBay’s Top Dealerships are doing to take the in-store purchase experience online. Delivering cars to happy people without ever meeting the buyer.

Registration Open Now

Registration is open for all four events, but the Miami event is the only one for which eBay lists a specific date and location.

Attending the workshop is free and eBay even includes an informal networking lunch.

Resurrecting Declining Sales?

eBay Motors was once a dominant force in car and parts sales, but over the last few years has dropped significantly.

Between national brands such as AutoTrader and Cars.com and new online startups focused on the vehicles market, eBay Motors is no longer the only game in town.

These workshops appear to be part of a new outreach initiative to bring car dealers to the platform.

Especially now with new car sales declining and pre-owned car sales are taking off, many car dealers need to refocus their marketing strategy.

With pre-owned car sales, dealers are on their own to market their inventory and develop leads. Online new car sales are often funneled from the manufacturer’s website, requiring mostly follow up work from the dealer.

That is not that simple with pre-owned sales, and some dealers struggle to develop a successful merchandising and marketing strategy.

The eBay Motors workshops seem to address some pain points for car dealers.

With more people becoming comfortable buying large items online, it is critical for dealers to develop a merchandising and sales strategy that works for the “new” buyer.

Obviously, for eBay bringing more higher priced tickets to its marketplace also means higher revenues (GMV). That is something the company really needs to focus on as it struggles to keep up GMV growth compared to other eCommerce companies.

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