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eBay Offers Help to Sellers Impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey


eBay announced today they will be offering help to sellers that are impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. This includes waiving store fees, providing shipping supplies, and services. Below is the full statement by eBay.


The recent storms, Harvey and Irma, have brought unprecedented devastation to the southeast U.S. eBay knows that many sellers have been impacted, and their hearts go out to you during this difficult time. Please take care of what’s most important right now, the safety of you and yours.

In addition to seller protection efforts already announced, eBay is implementing some measures to help sellers impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma:

  • Waive store subscription and insertion fees. eBay will waive insertion fees and Store subscription fees for all store levels for three months for all sellers.
  • Free Promoted Listings. Once your business is up and running again, they’d like to help you jump-start your cash flow with a $30 Promoted Listings credit for business sellers.
  • Free Shipping supplies. To help get your shipping station restocked, eBay will send you a $30 coupon for eBay branded shipping supplies for business sellers.

eBay has set up a special email address, hurricanerelief@ebay.com, and can help you with the offers above and the following:

  • Vacation mode. If you have an eBay store, but no direct internet access, they can place your store on temporary vacation mode, along with a message to your buyers that you are away.
  • Take down your listings. They can also take down any active listings on your behalf and place them in My eBay for relisting at a later time.

Important: Please email them from the email address associated with your eBay account so they can quickly confirm your identity. You need not use this email to receive these benefits; they are simply creating another channel for reaching the customer service team.

Additionally, eBay will email your buyers asking for their patience and letting them know that you may not be able to fulfill orders at this time. As soon as you are able, please communicate with your buyers on the status of their orders.

eBay takes seriously the commitment to their partners and wants to help impacted sellers get back on their feet as soon as possible. Please reach out to eBay at 1 (866) 540-3229 if you need customer service.

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  1. Kim Sager says:

    THANK YOU EBAY!!! This means a lot to our family that you would do this for us.

    From a small Florida eBay Full time eBay Seller Family

    1. Thanks for the comment Kim! Great to hear that this has been of use to you, the business and family. Thoughts are with you all!

  2. Yasmin armendariz says:

    As of October 11, no help from eBay! Our store fees for sept and October are not waived… this is the time we need help! Only shipping help we have had is our regular quarterly coupon of $25! Nothing extra! Really though eBay was going to help out! Florida has suffered..

    1. Did you make a request to hurricanerelief@ebay.com from the email address on your eBay account? We have confirmation from sellers in Florida that they received a return email with a benefits explanation. It is our understanding that store fees for invoices starting in October would be waived for 3 months after eBay receives your email request and confirms your eligibility.

      I hope this helps,

  3. This is a Lie, ebay has offered me none of this and still refuses to help

    1. eBay does not automatically offer this. It required sending an email to them and we know from a couple sellers they had to follow up on multiple locations.

      I personally know one seller here in Florida who is receiving the benefits. I will say he had to work on getting it done with several emails and phone outreaches and eBay came back with an excuse that his zip code was not included in government data that they use to identify him as eligible. Yet he was right in the middle of Irma…

      In the end it worked out for him, was the government data faulty or was there a problem at eBay, who knows.

      Based on his information, he finally got it done when he called the regular customer service line and asked that his case be reviewed by leadership. 72 hours later, he received an email that the benefits would be applied and he confirmed to me they did give him the credit for the first month! So I assume he is getting the other two months as well.


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