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Long-time eBay sellers may remember the “Store Referral Credit” program from eBay that offered up to 75% discount on final value fees to eBay store subscribers that drove traffic to the platform from offsite marketing efforts.

The program was part of the effort to promote eBay store subscriptions and entice sellers to maintain more listings on the platform.

Fundamentally, it incentivized sellers to bring offsite buyers to the platform and in return receive a huge discount on their final value fees. eBay ended the program in 2010 to the dismay of many sellers.

Since then a few clever sellers found ways to circumvent the restrictions in the eBay Partner Network (EPN) affiliate program that prohibited sellers from receiving affiliate payouts on their own listings.

eBay U.S. Seller Incentive Program

eBay is now allowing sellers to receive affiliate income from their offline marketing efforts using the EPN program if they meet certain criteria.

The new program dubbed the “U.S. Seller Incentive” program is available to U.S. sellers enrolled in the EPN program and applies to most sales. Sales in the vehicles and real estate categories are exempt from this program.

While this program doesn’t provide the same benefits as the old “Store Referal Credit” it still allows sellers to “save” on final value fees if they drive offsite traffic to their eBay listings.

The introduction of the U.S. Seller Incentive program is part of eBay’s Traffic Month seller engagement and marketing outreach.

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